REACH Monitor offers you support in the REACH implementation processes of your company.


Diagnostics on the effect of REACH for your company. Study of substances, on a case by case basis.

Strategy of registration for each case (joint registration, individual, mixed).

Strategy of data obtaining. We use experimental assays as the last resource: we explore the quality of literature data and we use validated computational methods.

Strategy of assays. Often it is not necessary to perform the full battery of established experimental assays. The results of key assays can scientifically justify the waiving of other assays, thus saving costs.

Free permanent information service
REACH Monitor offers you the possibility of e-mailing your doubts related to REACH regulation. We will answer you in 48 hours.
This FREE service is offered to our customers: companies as well as enterprise associations.

Preliminary information requirements
REACH Monitor studies each substance and elaborates the following report:
- Classification and Labelling of chemicals according to the Globally Harmonised System (GHS)
- Possible exemptions (Annexes IV and V) applicable to the substance
- Possible restrictions (Annex XVII) applicable to the substance
- Possible process of Authorisation
- Tonnage dependent requirements
- Use dependent requirements
- Possible exemptions depending on the physico-chemical properties
- Literature search of existing studies in public databases
- Evaluation of data quality - Asking permission for the use of literature to the corresponding organism