Elaboration of the REACH Registration Dossier


This version of the course: "Preparation of the REACH Registration Dossier" is based on materials and especially in the teaching experience gained during the various editions of the presential course, which during the spring of 2009 were so successful.

The teaching system used in the presential course consists of two days of intensive classroom computer. Often many of the people concerned cannot participate in the residential course because of their professional and / or location. Responding to the demand for training on this issue, we present the version of the distance learning course.

Content and structure:
The course is divided into 11 sections, corresponding to different studies that are part of the REACH registration dossier. For a student who has no previous experience with IUCLID5, has prepared a practical manual. It explains the basic functionality of the software as well as different strategies to expedite the work (section "saving work").

The first document in each section is a report of experimental study that simulates the paper of the test. This is the format that works in reality.

The following document before the student is the same study, which is conveniently marked the different sections to be introduced in IUCLID5, showing IUCLID5 field corresponding to each.

The third document is the problem solution; it displayed the screen images of each section IUCLID5. This way each student can set the level of difficulty you want to work from the answers to try to select the required IUCLID5 report from the lab (real case).

Case studies, which are working along the course, are:
1. Boiling Point
2. Flash Point
3. Log Pow,
4. Biodegrability,
5. Acute toxicity Daphnia,
6. Acute toxicity on the Rainbow Trout,
7. Acute oral toxcity,
8. Acute dermal irritation,
9. Bacterial reverse mutation,
10. Chromosome aberrations,

Mentoring and monitoring:
Each student has a tutor who can direct their questions about the course. You have two options:
1. writing e-mail directly to the assigned tutor
2. Enter your question in the forum, the tutor will answer the question to the Forum. In this way it is enriched with experiences and all students enrolled have access to the Forum.

For registration to the course, fill out the form and we will contact you giving all instructions.
Learning is flexible. The student can enroll anytime. The speed may also depend on each student. To complete the course is necessary approximately 20 hours of work (the course should be realized in no more than 6 weeks).
The price is: 650Euros (+21% VAT)

For questions and / or clarification, please contact:
Tel: +34 93 322 34 12
e-mail: info@reachmonitor.org

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